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Guides I Liked

Useful Resources

Here you can find the guides that I found useful or really cool over the internet

  1. DNS sderver which can redirect to other DNS records, such as
  2. Configuring DNS Server on Centos 7
  3. [Badass guide for markdown][] 
  4. Add Hard Drive to Centos Linux
  5. Sync Samsung Health with MI FIt
  6. Nginx configuration for LB
  7. Writing tools list, not a great one but useful
  8. How to view saved articles on LinkedIn
  9. Publii - static site generator
    Here you will find a step by step guide for Building the Site and ..... how to host it. So, realistically, this is like 10 cool guides.
  10. REM CSS3 units example
    This site template supports rem and % units for its layout. The % is convenient but the sum of Main section and Sidebar should not be 100% if we want a eye pleaseing outline. Eventualy I used the % instead of rem - specifically 60% + 20%